society told me to fit a mold...
but i'm claustrophobic.

boudoir photography

Because the most frequently used words in my vocabulary are sexy, minx, firecracker & goddess.

 Break free of your everyday: explore your seductive side, empower the inner queen inside of you, and embrace the feeling of being the masterpiece of a woman that you are.

this is
for you.

Your day to day DOES NOT MATTER. You can be a grocery store bagger, an airplane attendant, a singer in the choir, or a stay at home mom...

no matter what you do, you deserve an experience that is just for you... a space to feel confident and empowered for who you are. Embrace the fire that is pent up inside you even though we live in a society that tells us to keep it quiet. Let it out, girl.  

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yeah, you.

I'm jenny

I can sit here & list characteristics about myself or I can talk about WHY I love boudoir. I’m going to go with the latter. Saying that you love something just doesn’t really do it justice. For me, boudoir was a life changing experience. With a past of bad relationships that made me feel full of self doubt, I found it to be a liberating & empowering experience. I in turn became addicted to trying to give others the same feeling I had.

 How can you not become addicted to helping people know their worth & beauty? If I can be a part of the journey to your own self love & I am here to deliver that!  

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my favs

Champagne. betcha can’t say bubbles in an angry voice...

Christian Louboutin

Socks! Any shape or size... ask me about my mystery sock giver on my birthday

kind words

kind words

OMGONG! I absolutely love working with Jenny. She is a kind, creative burst of sunshine. Everything was amazing. Thank you so so much Jenny, I just love you!


“Wow. Just wow. Jenny is professional, amazing, kind, and so very talented. She nails the details and creates a fantastic experience because her personality just shines. She made me feel so confident and beautiful. I was completely at ease my entire session. The experience is unforgettable and an absolute must for any gal!”


“Jenny made me feel very comfortable the moment i stepped into her studio. She was very professional and spunky the entire time.. She made me feel bold, beautiful, and sexy. The positions I posed for were empowering and the results reflected the way she made me feel.”


can i really do this?

Hell yes! I know it scares the shit out of you....But I also know deep down, you’re here because there is a spark in your eye waiting to be ignited. All you need is someone to light the match.

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